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Primera Bravo II Autoprinter (No Drives)

Shipping Weight: 33
Price: $1,149.00

Manufacturer: Primera
Warranty: 1 Year
Ext. Warranty: Second Year $375
Opt. Port Connect: USB 2.0 connection required

Professional Automated Printing On Your Desktop!

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The Media Supply Straight Story:
The Primera Bravo II is the most popular DVD/CD duplicator in the world. Now that’s saying a lot, but it's true and it’s a testament to the growing quality of this unit, its great performance and its super value. The Primera Bravo II has proven to be a very nice, reliable machine, which can fit the needs of any user looking to move disc copying from a labor-intensive job to a simple task. The Primera Bravo II is easy to set up and has very simple software, Which you will have figured-out and will be up and using in no time a tall. The software package combines the SureThing software for creating your label image and PrimoDVD for creating and copying your content. The PrimoDVD has a very nice splash window that walks you through the basics of copying your discs, from disc-to-disc to audio copies. Just make sure you have a USB 2.0 port on your PC or Mac, as a slower USB connection will significantly slow down your copy speeds and not let you print an dupe at the same time on the Primera Bravo II. One other technical issue to watch out for besides the USB 2.0 issue is laptops. Most laptops cannot support the data transfer rate required by the Primera Bravo II, so make sure you plan to use this with a desktop system. Aside from those items to look out for, this has been a really solid machine, which we have seen very few returns on. For those who are use to copying discs one at a time on your PC and then fumbling with Epson disc compatible printers or paper labels, the Primera Bravo II is the perfect solution. The print quality is excellent. Of course, like any inkjet disc printing system, your prints are only as good as your artwork, so avoid pulling graphics and images of websites. Start with a high-res image and you’ll be fine. Here’s the scoop on the Primera Bravo II’s support. Bravo II and Z1 tech have free support for 30 days from the first call. After that its $10 per incident, and incidents can be purchased on the website. An incident can be called upon until it’s resolved. The Primera Bravo
Bravo II is Primera's newest and most advanced "all-in-one" disc printing system. It combines a fast, automated robotic mechanism with full-color, 4800 dpi direct-to-disc printing - all in one compact, desktop unit. Bravo II is ideal for producing either one at a time, unique discs or jobs of up to 50 identical discs at a time. Models are available for both Windows®-based PCs and Mac® computers. Bravo II automatically prints full-color, 4800 dpi images directly onto the surface of CDs and DVDs. The Bravo II AutoPrinter produces gorgeous, full-color CDs and DVDs in jobs of up to 50 discs at a time. It automatically feeds discs into and out of the printer and is the perfect companion to the tower-style duplicator you may already own - all for a price that's about the same as other manual disc printers!

Bravo II is ideal for printing either one at a time, unique discs or jobs of up to 50 identical discs at a time. Models are available for both Windows®-based PCs and Mac® computers.

Integrated 4800 DPI Printing

Bravo II incorporates stunning, full-color printing at up to 4800 dpi - the best in the industry. You'll be able to produce discs that look as professional as any you've ever seen using high-resolution text, graphics and even photos. Printing times are fast.

Exclusive AccuDisc™ Technology

With Bravo II, you'll also benefit from Primera's new patent-pending AccuDisc Technology. This suite of hardware and firmware enhancements provides the most accurate and precise disc picking available today. Utilizing advanced LED optics instead of mechanical components, AccuDisc eliminates misalignment of the picking mechanism. It also prevents the feeding of double discs into the printer tray- a common problem with other picking systems.

Many Choices of Media

Bravo II produces not only standard 120mm discs, but also several of the popular business card shaped and mini CD/DVD formats. An optional media adapter kit is required.

Get Up and Running Quickly

From initial set-up to full operation, Bravo II is easy to use. SureThing CD Labeler Primera Edition for Windows users is included. This program makes professional looking disc printing a snap with full-color backgrounds and templates. Mac and Windows users can also choose from Adobe® PhotoShop® and Illustrator® templates for disc design.

Large Disc Capacity

Bravo II can print up to 25 discs in standard mode or up to 50 discs in "Kiosk Mode" where discs are dispensed out the center of the machine. For printing 50 discs at a time, an optional Kiosk Kit is available to stack discs neatly and ready for distribution.

The Price/Performance Leader

Primera manufactures more automated disc publishing and duplication systems than any other company in the world. So, no matter what you need to print on your CDs and DVDs- you can feel confident with the Bravo II's performance and reliability. Best of all, Bravo II delivers truly professional results at an affordable price!

Model Bravo II AutoPrinter (No drives, for printing only)
Disc Capacity: 50 discs with included Kiosk Mode Kit
Recording Speeds: NO Ability to Record - for Printing only!
Recordable Formats: No Ability to Record - For Printing Only!
Number of Drives: None
Print Method: Inkjet
Print Resolutions: 4800 dpi x 1200 dpi, 2400 x 1200 dpi, 1200 x 1200 dpi and 600 x 600 dpi
Maximum Print Width: 4.724" (120mm)
Ink Cartridges: Dual CMY color and black monochrome
Colors: 16.7 million and black monochrome
Color Matching: PrimaColor™ ICC-compliant color matching software included
Label Software: SureThing™ CD Labeler Primera Edition for Windows® users and Adobe® PhotoShop® and Illustrator® design templates for Mac® and Windows users.
Media Types: Printable-surface CDs and DVDs
Minimum System Requirements: for PC 700MHz or faster genuine Intel Pentium III or higher, 512MB or more RAM, PCI slot-based USB 2.0 interface (combo cards not recommended), Desktop PC (laptops not recommended), Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4, or Windows XP with Service Pack 1, User account with Local Administrator equivalent rights, 2GB free Hard Drive space, at least 5GB free for DVD Disc Image Note: For DVD±R system you must have Windows 2000 or XP with a NTFS drive partition.
Minimum System Requirements for Mac Computers: 700 MHz PowerPC, G4 processor capable of running Mac OS X v10.2 or higher, 256 MB RAM, available USB 2.0 port or open PCI slot for optional USB 2.0 adapter card, 1.5 GB free hard drive space (6 GB for DVD version) one available USB 2.0 port Operating Systems Windows 2000 and XP for PC OS X, v.10.2 or higher for Mac
Electrical Rating: 12 VDC, 5A Certifications Safety: UL, UL-C, CE
Emissions: FCC Class B, CE Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 60 watts (12vdc)
Weight: 18 lbs. (8.2kg)
Dimensions: 17.25"W x 7.25"H x 16"D (438mmW x 184mmH x 406mmD)
Data Interfaces: USB 2.0
Options: USB 2.0 PCI Adapter Card Bravo II Business Card Adapter Kit - includes templates and input trays for: - 80mm mini-CDs - 59mm x 85mm rectangular business card CDs - 63mm x 80mm rounded ("hockey rink") business card CDs (The manufacturers of Bravo II's CD-R and DVD±R Recordable drives recommend using only 120mm round CD-Rs and DVD±Rs. You may void your warranty if other sizes and shapes of media are used).
Warranty: One year

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