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Looking for holiday gifts for key customers? Media Supply has everything you need!

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In addition to our broad selection of blank media, packaging, publishers and print supplies, Media Supply is a provider of custom logo marketing products, including Bluetooth speakers, headphones, powerbanks and all types of media gadgets. We even have fun new accessories, like pole extenstions for GoPro cameras. So if you're looking for the perfect custom logo gift for your key customers, it's worth your time to check our updated catalog. We have a direct sourcing office in China, so we can find what you need. We also check the product quality, making sure you won't regret putting your company's name and logo on it.

To request a copy of our catalog or get a fast quotation, contact us via email or call 1-800-944-4237 ext. 112 for more info. The catalog file is a bit too big for download, but we can point you towards our DropBox or mail you a copy.

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