More ViSX Solutions for Application Acceleration

Using Networked Flash™ architecture and ViSX’s patented DataPump Engine™ to optimize performance.

Using ViSX solutions, you can accelerate database software applications up to 10x your current speed. You can also virtualize your business-critical applications. Astute’s Networked Flash™ architecture and patented DataPump Engine™protocol processor, you can dramatically speed up:

  • Oracle, SAP and SQL Servers
  • Microsoft SharePoint & Exchange Servers
  • Virtual desktop (VDI) work environments (add link to VDI page)
  • Education environments
  • HealthCare environments

Using performance tuned flash rather than legacy capacity-optimized spinning hard disks, your applications will connect to ViSX via ethernet networks via standard iSCSI protocol. ViSX is certified for VMware to work with current and future virtual servers, networks and data storage architecture.